CANDICE JAMES - Poet Laureate

City Of New Westminster, BC CANADA


Candice James

Candice James is the Poet Laureate of The City Of New Westminster, BC CANADA.   She is Director on The Royal City Literary Arts Society, a member of The Writers Union of Canada, a member of The League of Canadian Poets, Past President of BC Federation of Writers.  She was born in New Westminster at Saint Mary’s Hospital in 1948 and has spent most of her life in the City of New Westminster.  She graduated in 1965 from Lester Pearson Senior Secondary School, now known as NWSS.

Candice began the rudimentary stages of her writing, at the age of thirteen, composing essays.  Over the years Candice continued writing and eventually moved into the arena of Poetry, which continues to be her preferred genre of writing.        

She is the Author of 4 poetry books,  “A SPLIT IN THE WATER” Fiddlehead Poetry  Books/University Of New Brunswick Literary Press 1979; "INNER HEART - A JOURNEY"  Silver Bow Publishing 2010; "Bridges and Clouds" Silver Bow Publishing 2011; and "Midnight Embers, a book of Sonnets" Libros Libertad Publishing 2012.   

Candice is the creator of POETIC JUSTICE a weekly reading series held at the Heritage Grill, and POETRY IN THE PARK an annual weekly summer event.

Candice spent many years employed in the financial services industry, the real estate industry, and the music industry both in the business end and on the performing side as a bass player/singer/songwriter.  She has continued writing over the past 30 years, mostly poetry, but also 3 screenplays and a children’s book.  She has, and continues to participate in poetry readings and feature in magazines and on radio.  

She has poems in many International Anthologies, magazines and newspapers: Corvus; Angie's Diary; The Loop; Royal City Record, Downtown BIA; Black Rainbow Poetry; Newsleader; Darker Poetically; The Prairie Journal; Dystennium; etc. etc.... and has led online forums for Writers Etc. and facilitated and led many workshops.  Her poetry has appeared many times in  the monthly magazine "Arts and Entertainment Hollywood".  

She has been keynote speaker at "Word On The Street" 2012; "Black Dot Cultural Collective" 2012; and the Federation of BC Writers "Write On The Beach" 2012 and she has opened Lit Fest New West Gala Evening at the Muir theatre every year since its inception.

Candice was awarded the "Distinguished Poet" award in March 2013 from the Writers International Network.

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